Misplaced Interceptors, Spitfire Mk VII, 453 SQN RAAF, UK 1943

Review by David Harvey



This decal sheet by Red Roo covers four different Spitfire Mk VII's used in the UK by 453 SQN during WWII and is available in 1/48 and 1/72.


On 27 Oct 1943, three Spitfire Mk VII MB high altitude interceptors were attached to 453 SQN who were equiped with Spitfire Mk Vb low altitude fighters. These three Spitfire Mk VII still carried the code letters (DU) of the previous owners, 312 SQN RAF, instead of the codes of 453 SQN (FU). The code letters on these aircraft remained unchanged whilst with 453 SQN. In January 1944 453 SQN also flew another airframe, MD114 (coded DU-G), from the Skeabrae Station Flight.

The decals

The decal sheet is essentialy a small sheet that supplies you with national markings for one aircraft, one set of sky coloured DU codes, one set of white DU codes and the aircraft numbers for each aircraft. The only limiting factor to making all four aircraft with this sheet is the DU codes as you can use the kit decals for the national markings and source the DU codes from other after market sources or your spares box.

I have used Red Roo decals numerous times and have found them to be excellent decals in both quality and ease of use. The only draw back is the use of decal softening solutions. I have found that some solutions react badly with these types of decals if you try to move the decal off the sheet into a puddle of solution. Plain water is the best to use for me when using these decals but others have no doubt had different experiences.

The markings

The markings cover the following aircraft and camouflage schemes:

a. Spitfire Mk VII, MB765, DU-G, received by 453 SQN on 27 Oct 1943. The aircraft was allocated to RAF Station Flight Skeabrae on 8 Nov 1943 and subsequently returned to 453 SQN in Dec 1943. The aircraft is finished inthe RAF standard day fighter scheme of Dark Green/Ocean Grey/Medium Sea Grey.

b. Spitfire Mk VII, MB828, DU-Y, was received by 453 SQN on 27 Oct 1943. This aircraft is also finished in standard RAF day fighter scheme.

c. Spitfire MK VII, MB 763, DU-Z, also recieved by 453 SQN on 27 Oct 1943. This aircraft was also finished in the standard RAF day fighter scheme.

d. Spitfire MK VII, MD114, DU-G, was received at RAF Station Skeabrae in December 1943. The aircraft replaced MB765 and was flown by 453 SQN in January 1944. The aircraft is finished in the high altitude scheme of Medium Sea Grey and PRU Blue.


Modeling the Spitfire Mk VII

The Spitfire Mk VII is similar to the MK VIII and Mk IX but requires extended wing tips and the ram air intake for the cabin pressurisation system. In 1/48 scale ICM produces the required kit with the extended wing tips and intake with the Mk VII and Mk IX kits. The ICM kits are quite cheap and available in Australia from NKR. The extended wing tips are also available from after market companies. In 1/72 the Spitfire Mk VII is apparantly available from Hasegawa and Ventura.



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