RRD4831 Spitfire MK Vc 85 SQN RAAF, late war

Review by David Harvey

Review Type:
First Look
1/48 (also in 1/72)
$18 AUD from Red Roo Models
Contents and Media:
2 x sheets of decals and an A$ instruction sheet
Nicely printed decals covering the RAAF Spitfire Mk Vc
None seen
Highly Recommended


As the name says, this set of decals covers the late war Spitfire Vc's of 85 SQN. The set includes three options:

a. Spitfire Mk Vc, believed to be A58-7, SH-N in natural metal finish (NMF) with foilage green rudder and a black antiglare panel.

b. Spitfire Mk Vc, A58-16, SH-R, in NMF with black anti-glare panel and antenna base with aluminium doped fabric surfaces.

c. Spitfire Mk Vc, A58-221, SH-S, in NMF with black anti-glare panel and antenna, also aluminium doped fabric surfaces.

These decals are printed on an Alps printer and are extremely thin. I'm using them on my Red Roo Spitfire Mk Vc conversion and the only problem is that they are extremely thin. I'm having the problem of them curling up as I apply them and having to do considerable work to flatten them out. But all of that is no doubt due to my not having used these type decals before. They go on extremely flat and I am barely able to tell where the decal film ends, they also mould into the panels lines well. The roundels are supplied in two parts, the white undersurface and the blue roundel. The instruction sheet mentions that there were no walk way stencils on the aircraft but doesn't mention any of the other stencils. I am unsure if they were in fact redone on the stripping of the paint but believe that they weren't repainted. I have looked at a number of photos and can't see any of the stencils.


In this set you are provided with enough national markings for one aircraft and aircraft codes for all three options. With the availablility of aftermarket roundels there is no problem in making up another model or two out of this set. I recommend this set for those that want a silver Spitfire Vc.

Review set courtesy of my wallet from Red Roo Models.

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