CAC CA-18 Mustang Mk 21 VH-AUB, ex- A68-107, circa 1962 - 63

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
1/48 and 1/72
$20 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media:
1 option
Good instruction sheet
none seen
Highly Recommended



This is another simple decal sheet from Red Roo that covers a single aircraft. In this break from the usual military aircraft fare of Red Roo, this sheet covers a Warbird that is painted in a striking post office red scheme. For your money you receive an A4 instruction sheet detailing the location of the aircraft civil registration, the two Australian flags and the six other small decals that comprise the total amount of decals. The rest of the sheet details the differences that occur between a standard CAC Mustang and this warbird.

The decals themselves are the usual thin markings you would receive from Red Roo. My partner is building her first model using these markings so we shall see how well they can turn out.

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