1/48 RAN-11 Royal Australian Navy Kiowa

Review by David Harvey


Review Type First Look
Scale: 1/72 and 1/48
Price: $8.50 for 1/72 and $9.50 foR 1/48
Contents and Media: 4 options
Advantages: It does it's job
Disadvantages: No tail Number versus aircraft number on the original sheet
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



This small decal set portrays the Kiowa helicopters that were used by the RAN. The set comes in a small zip-loc bag with a one page instruction sheet with a two view layout diagram and a colour guide. The aircraft are in the Gloss Oxford Blue and white uppers scheme.

The decals are on two separate sheets, one sheet with the roundels and warning markings and the other with all of the white markings ie numbers, roundel backing and navy markings. A downfall of the instruction sheet is that it does not specify what tail number goes with which number code for the side of the aircraft eg N17-049 coded 890. This coding problem is easily rectified by accessing the ADF serial numbers site but should be supplied on the instruction sheet. All of them are cleanly printed on sheets of continuous decal film so they will need to be trimmed carefully. You are supplied with four different aircraft numbers:

a. N17-013 coded 892,

b. N17-025 coded 891,

c. N17-049 coded 890, and

d. N1-056, coded 899.

To model this kit in 1/72 there are only limited models available. In 1/72 there is the Italeri kit and the old Matchbox kit if you can find it, in 1/48 there is the Italeri and Heller kits available. At this stage there is not kit of the Kiowa 206B in 1/35 scale and the Academy D model would take considerable converting to back date it.


Clayton Fiander of Hawkeye Models has now updated the instruction sheet to add the aircraft numbers.

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