K48160 1/48 Super Mask CA-9 Wirraway

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$13.60 AUD from BNA Model World

Contents and Media:

1 x Inside/outside canopy mask

1 x markings


Well fitting for the canopies.


Can be tricky getting the markings done correctly.


Highly Recommended



For the begining of my modelling years I had been reliant on brush painting the canopy frames of aircraft. When I started to get in to airbrushing I learnt about making masks using tape and a sharp scalpel which was ok as I generally only did fighters such as Spitfires. Now I am branching out in to more complicated areas such as FAA aircraft (Firefly, etc), Trainers such as the Wirraway and big aircraft such as the Anson, Lancaster and Ventura it grew old very quickly. I finally purchased a set of masks for my 1/48 Avenger and found it vastly easier to mask it than using a knife and some Tamiya tape.

The Montex Masks come in a variety of styles ranging from purely the canopy masks (inside and outside masks) to the 'Super Mask' that includes the canopy masks as well as masks for national markings and specific aircraft markings. To view the range of Montex Masks go HERE to their website.


This is a 'Super Mask' set and contains a set of masks for the inside and outside canopy masks and tyre masks as well as a second sheet that contains the masks for all National markings and the Tail Number and side numbers for the following aircraft:

Both aircraft are in the Earth Brown and Foilage Green uppers with Sky undersides with A20-346 having Trainer Yellow tail band and cowl.



The canopy masks are easy to apply and I only had one that was fractionally large for the area to be masked. They do require precision to fit as they won't slide around but I had no dramas once I got the hang of placing them. I did not use the inside camopy masks as I generally just put a coat if the interior colour down first on the outside and then paint the exterior colours over the top of that.

The masks for the national markings are also easy to apply but you need to work out how you plan on painting the model and the order of application of colours. They certainly make the large underwing numbers much easier to do than trying to place decals, now I just need a set for the Classic Airframes Fairey Battle Trainer I have had in the shelf of doom due to the yellow/black scheme.


I highly recommend these sets to save some time with canopy maskings and a bit more control over national markings than decals.


Review samples courtesy of my pocket from BNA Model World.