1/48 MAX 4808 Beaver Selection pt1 ( Image sourced from ADF Serial Number Site)

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
Scale: 1/48 and 1/72 - Max4808 and Max7208
Price: $20 from Just
Contents and Media: 4 options

covers a not often seen or known aircraft for the RAAF

Disadvantages: The RAAF knagaroo appears to be incorrect
Recommendation: Recommended



A few months ago I purchased a Beaver kit from Snowy Mountain Models during one of their sales. Once again I wanted to do something that looked a bit different compared to the Foilage green and other standard finishes on RAAF aircraft, so I started looking. I discovered that the Beaver was used in the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) during the 50's and 60's, this seemed perfect for me as it was a totaly differnet colour scheme. I was then informed of this selection from Max Decals that covered the ANARE aircraft amongst others.

The decals

The options provided in the set are:

a. RAAF Beaver A95-201 ANARE 1956 - 57, overall gloss orange with black cheatline and anti-glare panel;

b. RAAF Beaver A95-205 ANARE 1962, overall orange with large ANARE badge on the fueslage sides;

c. RNZAF Beaver NZ6001 Antarctic Flight 1957-58, overall bright red-orange with black trim; and

d. Chilean Air Force Beaver 907 Anatrctica 1961, overall natural metal meta l finish withdayglo orange panels.

This set has very simple instructions that are easy to follow as the markings for the aircraft are very basic.

The decals themselves are printed by Tally Ho in the Czech Republic and look well printed. The accuracy of the Kangaroos on A95-201 are dubious according to the photo on the ADF Serial numbers site (see photo at top of review). This image shows the kangaroos on all roundels to be the 'pregnant' roo. Max decals only supply them for the fueslage roundels and supply the normal sleek roo for the rest. This sleek kangaroo would be correct for the later aircraft depicted but for the earlier ones apparantly it should be the 'pregnant' roo. It is also possible to depict the roundels as the normal red/white/blue circles and Max Decals also provides these in the form of the separate red dots.

The RNZAF decals seem to be accurate according to the images on the New Zealand Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History site (accessible through ADF serial number site). They have an interesting photo of the aircraft with bomb (?) racks under the wings that would add interest to the model.

I was unable to find any images of the Chilean Beaver.

This set covers a not often seen or known aircraft for the RAAF and would be a very colourful addition to the collection.

For more decals from this producer go to the Max Decals site.



ADF serial number site

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