1/48 BAC/EE Canberra International 'Bomber Canopy' version PT III

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
1/48 also available in 1/72
Approx $20 AUD from Alley Cat decals
Contents and Media:
1 x A4 sheet of decals and a four page instruction booklet
Very colourful schemes and well printed
Inconsistency with decal locations on profiles
Highly Recommended



Whilst planning the many Canberra models I have acquired since Airfix released the 1/48 Canberra lineup I discovered that despite having multiple decal sets I didn't have an ARDU Canberra amongst them. So the search began for a set of markings that was satisfied by checking out the Model Alliance website. Model Alliance has numerous sets of Canberra markings covering the various users of the many types of Canberra's in existence.

The decals

The set of decals comes in the pretty much standard plastic ziploc bag which contains an A4 sheet of very colourful markings and a four page instruction booklet. This set covers the following seven aircraft:

  • EE Canberra B.62, B-109 of Grupo 2 de Bombardo, II Brigade AErea Squadron Fuerza AErea Argentina, General Justo Jose de Urquiza Air Base, Argentina 1977. Standard scheme of Dark Sea Grey and dark green upper with Light Aircraft Grey underneath.
  • EE Canberra B.62, B-111 of Grupo 2 de Bombardeo, II Brigade AErea Squadron Fuerza AErea Argentina, Trelew Naval Air base during the Falklands War, May 1982. Standard scheme of Dark Sea Grey and dark green upper with Light Aircraft Grey underneath.
  • GAF Canberra Mk 21, A84-201 of 2 Squadron RAAF, RAAF Amberley during the mid 1950's. Colour scheme of white upper fueslage and the remainder of the aircraft in high speed silver.
  • GAF Canberra Mk 20, A84-125 of the Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) RAAF, RAAF Edinburgh, Australia during the 1960's. Scheme of High speed silver with white uppers.
  • GAF Canberra Mk 20, A84-245 of 1 Squadron RAAF, RAAF Amberley, early 1960's. Scheme of Olive Drab and Dark Sea Grey uppers and Light Aircraft grey underneath.
  • GAF Canberra Mk 20, A84-215 of 2 Squadron RAAF, detached to the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing USAF, Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam 1970. Scheme of Overall Dark Sea Grey with Olive Drab camouflage pattern uppers.
  • GAF Canberra Mk 20, A84-241 of 6 Squadron RAAF, RAAF Amberley, 1964. Scheme of Olive Drab and Dark Sea Grey uppers with Light Aircraft Grey underneath.

These markings are printed for Model Alliance by Fantasy Printshop and appear to be very well done. The set provides sufficient one of each countries aircraft depending on the scheme chosen. For the RAAF aircraft the set provides the tail lightning bolt in blue, red and yellow and the various aircraft serial numbers so kit markings can be used if required to represent a specific aircraft. You also receive large amounts of panel marking decals of either black, red, yellow and red/white for use on wing panel demarcations.


The instruction booklet

The four page A5 booklet is a well printed colour booklet that gives a single side profile of each aircraft and a generic view of the different types of schemes shown on the sheet. This is the main downfall of this sheet as for the Argentinean aircraft it shows that only one roundel is used on the upper wing but on the side profiles it shows a roundel used on the lower wing. The upper and lower views of each aircraft are in reality too small and need to be larger as the locations of the panel demarcation stripes need to be better shown. The details may be more visible in the On Target Profile 11 - Canberra in Worldwide Service published by the Aviation Workshop.


I highly recommend this set as they appear to be very well printed and accurate for aircraft covered. A number of these aircraft are covered by Australian produced decal sheets but I have yet to see the ARDU scheme done the the Canberra.

Set provided courtesy of my wallet from Alley Cat Decals in the United Kingdom.

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