Kits At War Decals


Sheet K4/15

by David Harvey


Following on from the review of Kits At War Decal sheet K7/14 by Damian Coburn we received a number of other decal sheets from the Kits At War range. This sheet covers a number of South African Air Force aircraft in 1/48. The decals come in a plastic ziplock bag with a double sided colour instruction sheet. The Kits at War range covers Commonwealth aircraft from during WWII as well as post war. The number of different aircraft types and countries covered by Kits At War is quite extensive so you will have to look at the site to browse through them all. The company itself is based in the Netherlands and produces the Kits at War range of Decals as well as a series of 'History, Camouflage and Markings profiles of Dutch aircraft, it also formerly produced the Dutch Decals range.

The Instruction sheet

The instruction sheet is a double sided colour sheet that shows the placement of the decals supplied as well as suggestions for the paint colours and the kit to use for the model. The kits required for these decals are all readily available by Academy, Hasegawa, Mauve, Trumpeter or ICM.

The decals

The decals cover the following aircraft:

a. Mohawk 2511, NOORD TRANSVAAL, No 4 SQN SAAF, Abyssynia 1941. Dk Green / Dk Earth / Sky scheme.
b. Mohawk 2537, No 3 SQN SAAF, Abyssynia 1941. Dk Green / Dk Earth / Sky scheme.
c. Mohawk *D 2518, No 3 SQN SAAF, Abyssinia 1941. Dk Green / Dk Earth / Sky scheme.
d. Spitfire LFIXe, 5502 AX*A, No 3 SQN SAF, Stanford Hill Durban 1945. Dk Earth / Dk green (nose only) / Sky scheme.
e. Kittyhawk F Mk IV 5077 *R, No 11 SQN OTU SAAF, Port Elizabeth 1945. Middle Stone / Dark earth / Azure Blue scheme.
f. Kittyhawk F Mk IV 5082 *16, No 11 SQN OTU SAAF, Waterkloof 1944. Middle Stone / Dark earth / Azure Blue scheme.
g. Tomahawk Mk IIb AK434 GL*F, No 5 SQN SAAF, Sidi Barrani 1942, Lt H.W.G. Bidwell. Middle Stone / Dark earth / Azure Blue scheme.
h. Kittyhawk F Mk IV *V, No 11 SQN OTU SAAF, Port Elizabeth, CO's aircraft. Overall natural metal with Dark Green anti-glare panel.

As you can see this sheet covers a large variety of aircraft and schemes.The decal sheet only provides you with those not supplied by the kit sheets so don't dispose of the kit decals! All of the decals are separate so you will not be required to trim them carefully.


This is an impressive collection of decals on one sheet for SAAF fans. It covers some more commonly available kits that can bet turned into something different to the standard RAF type aircraft. As with the other sets from this company they are recommended as they appear to be well produced items that cover something different.

I am unsure of the availability in Australia but they can be ordered direct from the company.

The samples are courtesy of Kits At War Decals.

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