1/48 MIRAGE IIIO 3 SQN RAAF early "Jaffa's", Lizard and standard schemes

Review by David Harvey


Once again Hiplanes has come out with a decal sheet for the Mirage in RAAF service. This sheet covers the following aircraft:

  • Mirage A3-86, Butterworth, 1971. In the original 'Lizard' finish, bright new 'jaffa' orange flash with unofficial lizard badge.
  • Mirage A3-86 after repaint in 'standard' scheme. One of the few aircraft to retain the old tail flash with the new scheme.
  • Mirage A3-99, Butterworth, Malaysia, early 70's. Has odd proportioned bright flash carried at this time.
  • Mirage A3-99, after repaint in 'standard' scheme with official 'winged grenade' unit badge and light orange flash.
  • Mirage A3-100 in 'standard' scheme .

These different schemes are achieved by giving you four sets of tail flashes, one in orange and the rest in red as well as sufficient 'A' numbers to produce the aircraft mentioned with a few extra to make other aircraft tail numbers. There are a number of variants of a few stencils eg the ejection seat triangles and the red or black 'free pilot' markings. There is only sufficient aircraft stencil markings and roundels to produce one kit.

The set also includes pilots names including:

  • SQN LDR R.J. Phillips in white;
  • PLT OFF I.P. Wilkie in white (I think thats the initials but they are very small) in A3-86;
  • FLTLT John Archer in white;
  • SQN LDR P. Hilllip in orange; and
  • WGCDR P.J. Scully in orange as well as his pennant.

The decals look quite thin on the sheet and are individualy printed rather than printed on one sheet of decal paper.


The instructions come in two parts, the usual cover sheet and an A4 double sided sheet. For something different with the HPM sheets the rear of the cover sheet goes briefly into the history of 3 SQN and the different camouflage schemes for the Mirage.

The second main sheet is a coloured sheet giving side profiles of all aircraft and the plan view of the different schemes. My one critisism for the instructions comes from the lack of clearly identifying which pilot flew which aircraft. This is no doubt able to be worked out with the use of the prime reference "Mirage IIIO" by Paul Mason and Darren Mottram but I feel it would be better on the instructions as I can barely make out some of the pilots names on the instructions but they are very hard to read.


This sheet from HPM will certainly be appreciated by those modelling the Mirage as there is a few extra markings not covered by Red Roo Decals in the similar sheet.


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