D4806 RAAF Canberra Mk20

Review by David Harvey


The Canberra bomber has been a perennial favourite of mine as I remember seeing them flying when I was a young fella on their appearances at airshows. Normally at this stage reviewers carry on about the history of the aircraft, I figure that if you are making a model using these decals you have enough knowledge of the acft to not need it. To my knowledge there are only two kits available for the Canberra in 1/48, these being the Falcon Vacform/white metal kit and the Aeroclub Multimedia kit, both of which are not for the beginner. There are a number of options for this decal sheet, they are:

a. Canberra Mk 20 as operated by No 2 SQN during the late 70’s and into the 80’s. The camouflage is all over Extra Dark Sea Grey with GlossOlive Green disruptive pattern on top. The black tail numbers for this acft are 233 and 240, whilst the 2 SQN Lighting bolt is red with Magpie in the middle of it.
b. Canberra Mk 20 serving in the Vietnam war in all over Extra Dark Sea Grey with Matt Olive Drab disruptive pattern. The lightning bolt is red without the Magpie. The black tail numbers for this acft are 244, 233, 238 and 245.
c. Canberra Mk 20 A84-241 from No 6 SQN, mid 60’s in the Extra Dark Sea Grey and Gloss Olive upper and aluminium undersides with black leading edges and white fuselage numbers. This acft has the dark blue lighting bolt.
d. Canberra Mk 20, A84-245 from No 1 SQN in 1965 in the EDSG/GO/aluminium scheme with black leading edges and yellow lightning bolt on the tail.

These decals are standard decals and as such are not printed on continuous film. They provide the complete markings for the acft including warning signs, bomb markings and walkway stripes. The decals are all in register on both sets I have (one review and one purchased).

The instructions

You are provided with two A4 sheets comprising a page for the different colour schemes / marking locations. The ‘walkway’ decals are not shown on the instructions as apparently they varied in location on each acft so you will need to find references for the particular acft you are after.


This set of markings is another good offering from High Planes and should go well with either of the available kits. There are sufficient markings to use on one kit with a number of extras including acft numbers, lightning bolts and walkway lines.

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