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The recent release of the 1/32 Mirage from Revell has started a rush of offerings from the aftermarket companies. In this offering of Highplanes, they cover two Low Viv camouflage schemes of 75 SQN Mirage IIIO (F). These schemes comprise:

a. Blue Grey upper / Light grey lower scheme. This option has all subdued markings except for national markings. There are tail markings for A3-6, A3-9 and, A3-23 so you have a few choices of aircraft. As this is a 75 SQN aircraft there is also the subdued SQN tail marking with the Magpie as well as subdued stenciling.

b. The geometric Dark Sea Grey / Light Grey scheme. This option covers the same areas as above except there is only the tail numbers for A3-25 and the markings are in black. There is a different set of stencils for this aircraft that are the normal colours.

These Decals are once again produced for Hiplanes by Hawkeye Models Australia and as such are printed on the continuous carrier film. There is also the separate sheet of white backing supplied for all markings that require it.


You are provided with two A4 sheets comprising a page for the different colour schemes / marking locations and a page of decal application instructions. This second page is a bit of a bonus as it is the sheet supplied with the Mirage Ejection sheet which has the reference photos and line drawing of the seat.



This set of markings is another good offering from Highplanes and should go well with the Revell kit. As an added bonus, apart from the National markings and the emergency release panels, there is sufficient markings for two different aircraft.

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