1/48 Decals for VC-724 Squadron 1970's

Review by David Harvey

Previously Hawkeye Models Australia had released a set of 1/48 decals covering a large range of Skyhawks used by the RAN, these included both double and single seaters. A problem with the set was that although you received a large number of decals for virtualy every Skyhawk used by the RAN you only received enough white backing for the markings of one aircraft. Clayton Fiander the owner of Hawkeye decided to fix this problem by cutting the set into peices and issueing the markings seperately.

The decals

The decals are supplied in a ziplock bag containing the double sided instruction sheet and two sheets of markings, the white backing sheet and the coloured markings on a separate sheet. The markings in this set only cover N-13 154904 (tail number 883), a Skyhawk of VC-724 SQN during the 1970's in Gloss Gull Grey and Gloss white scheme.

The decals on the coloured sheet cover are printed on continuous carrier film in the usual manner of HMA. The majority of the coloured markings are provided with a white backing for the writing and other white areas on the marking.

The instruction sheet as can be seen from the image above is a coloured sheet that provides sufficient advice on the positioning of the decals provided. The rear of the sheet gives application information for those that have not used Hawkeye decals previously.

These decals are available direct from Clayton Fiander at Hawkeye Models Australia in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32.

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