1/48 RAAF/AAAvn UH-1D/H

Hawkeye Models Australia Decal sheet AAF-18

Review by David Harvey


This is one of the three sets that Hakweye Models Australia have that cover the UH-1 in its service in the ADF. This set covers the camouflaged UH-1 D/H during it's service in the RAAF and AAAvn. There is also a conversion set available to update the kit to a later version of the UH-1H involving the exhausts etc.

The decals

As usual the set comes in a clear ziplock bag containing all of the decals and the double sided instruction sheet. The set comes with sufficient black numbers of various sizes to cover any of the aircraft operated by the RAAF and AAAvn. You also receive all of the stencil data and a number of fin markins. The fin markings cover:

  • 9 SQN with black marking representing a Seagull(?);
  • 9 SQN with non-subdued yellow flash and Seagull(?);
  • 35 SQN with orange bar and kangaroo;
  • 5 SQN Black eagle; and
  • 5 Aviation Regt.

To represent some of the aircraft you will need to modify the aerials on the tail boom amongst other things.

Unfortunately the set doesn't cover all of the SQN's that used the Huey. The set misses out on the tail marking used by 171 Operational Support SQN (OSS) from 1st Aviation Regiment. If you look at the accompanying photo of a UH-1H from 1 AVN taken during 1990's you will notice that the three colour marking is in Red/Yellow/Blue of RAEME rather than Red/White/Blue.

The decals are printed on continuous film and are supplied with a white backing sheet for those areas requiring it.

The instruction sheet is a double sided colour sheet with the camouflage layout on one side and the stencil data layout on the other. As the instruction sheet says, check references on the exact camouflage scheme of the aircraft you are modelling as they were not all the same and varied on a number of acft.

This set and others are available direct from Clayton Fiander at Hawkeye Models Australia in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32.

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