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RAAF C-130J-30

RAAF C-130J Hercules (1/72 or 1/48) - MM-72032 / MM-48032

Review by Ryan Hamilton


In late December 2006, the Royal Australian Air Force started re-painting their C-130J fleet in a new “dark grey” scheme. This is an interesting choice as most RAAF transport aircraft have moved toward being repainted to a single shade of green or grey in recent years. The scheme consists of a very dark grey upper surface, a medium grey underside, with all makings are in charcoal black. The instructions give two sets of FS numbers for this scheme, as the finished airframe appears much lighter then the official FS colours quoted. The addition of the squadron crest on the tail is new to the “J” models.

Decals include all stencilling, squadron, and national markings, and are designed for the Italeri edition of the C-130J.

The decals

Review Type:
1/72 and 1/48
between $12.00-$16.00 AUD
Contents and Media:
1 printed decals sheet (laser), and decal instructions.
Well timed decals for a new RAAF scheme, and a recently re-released Italeri 1/72 C-130J.
Short run decals, limited edition only.
Highly Recommended

These decals were purchased with the reviewer’s own funds.


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