1/72 Acadamy CAC CA-18 Mustang using Red Roo Decals
Aussie Warbirds,
CAC CA-18 Mustang Mk21, VH-AUB,
ex A68-107, Sept 2001

Review by David Edwards



For a preview of this decal sheet, have a look at David Harvey's comments here.

This is a subject a little out of my usual themes, but I've enjoyed seeing Col Pay's Mustang since it joined the airshow circuit in about 1980 or so.  107's colour scheme has only changed a little over time, mainly I think in roundel proportions and the deletion of a Squadron badge.

I had the choice of several 1/72 kits to build for this review, and settled on the Academy kit this time.  It's not the ultimate 1/72 Mustang, but it does have a nice interior and dropped flaps.  107 has the "uncuffed"DHA propeller, similar to the Hamilton Standard prop fitted to late US built Ds.  Beware – this is different again to tapered Aeroproducts Prop used on the Dallas built Ks!  In 1/48, Red Roo has a nice resin replacement, in 1/72 Pavla has a set of all 3 prop types along with a new spinner and decals.  I'm told the Tamiya F51D boxing also has the correct prop, but can't confirm this.  For my built, I reshaped the kit prop as best as I could – not broad enough in chord, but ok at a distance.

The roundels included have proportions similar to those seen on BCOF and Korean War RAAF Mustangs, and I would've liked to put them aside for such use if I'd had suitable replacements.  Naturally a Modeldecal RAF roundel sheet turned up on Ebay just as I finished this model!

The Academy Mustang builds up reasonably well, with just a bit of filler required.  One thing I missed was the slight forward rake to the main landing gear legs – lesson learned for next time!

For the silver dope, I used the gunze enamel from a spray can.  I tried to pick the fabric rudder out with Floquil Old Silver, but the contrast isn't very noticeable.  The decals went on very well indeed when applied according to the instructions and handled with care.  A "make or break" for me is the white area of the roundels, and there's not a hint of "see through" for these.

The Red Roo instructions include good detail of CAC interior colours as well as the modifications made to 107 in its VH-AUB guise.  I departed from the decal sheet here in leaving off the civilian registration for the time being, and leaving the weaponry in place.  In doing so I missed the different radio boxes fitted behind the pilot for CAC built aircraft, one to remember for next time.

I am very impressed indeed with yet another quality Red Roo product, and welcomed the excuse to build another RAAF Mustang!  Two thumbs up.

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