DK Decals

DK Decals 48005 1/48 DH.98 Mosquito
in RAAF and RAF Service

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$15.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

1 x decal sheet (8 acft) and one page of instructions


Nicely printed


Unimpressive instructions


Highly Recommended



Members of the RAAF flew the Mosquito in many marks all around the world including Europe as part of the RAF and in the Pacific as RAAF. This set provides nose and serials for up to eight aircraft of aircraft who were piloted by Australian crews.

The decals

This set has a total of eight different aircraft serials on it but only supply up to two sets of National markings - one RAAF and one RAF.

The markings cover:

Each of the scheme has a different piece of nose or tail art which breaks up the schemes.

I have done some checking in various references including the Australian War Memorial Website and the book 'Beaufort, Beaufighter and Mosquito in Australian Service' by Stewart Wilson and the schemes appear to be correct but I failed to find a reference for the way in which the markings 'NA' are depicted with the gaps in them. I have found numerous images of the serial numbers being broken down with gaps from spraying them on with stencils but not the 'NA' in the first 1 SQN scheme.

The Instructions

The instructions come as a two sided colour copy with the details of the schemes and paint recommendations on one side and the decals placements on the other. The paint recommendations suggest either Humbrol or Agama paints to paint the models. Checking out the Humbrol recommendations they are the same as the ones I generally use for the different schemes.


Overall these markings appear well printed and Andrew Perren has used them on a very nice rendition of a 1 SQN aircraft at the 2015 Model Expo in Melbourne. I highly recommend these decals.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet from Red Roo Models.