DK Decals

DK Decals 1/48 Beaufighter in the RAAF service

Review by David Harvey


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$14.00 AUD from Red Roo

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1 x set of markings


Appears well printed


None seen at this time


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These are new markings that I first saw a year or two ago in an email from the manufacturer. At the time there were concerns about the accuracy of the sets but since then Red Roo and others (I believe) have had input and they have improved.

The decals

This set covers two aircraft:

The decals appear well printed and cover the National markings, codes, serial numbers and the nose art. I am unsure about the accuracy of the camouflage colour suggestions as recently there was a discussion on the AMI forum that suggested that 30 SQN aircraft were in the Temperate Land Scheme of Green (Dark Green), Brown (Dark Earth) and Sky as per the quote below:

'as the old timers simply called the colours , Green, Brown, Grey and Sky or Sky Blue, the subtleties of the true colours are slightly misrepresented, the first 54 Ic's were TLS - Temperate Land Scheme of Green (Dark Green), Brown (Dark Earth) and Sky, 30 Sqn was happy with these colours but 31 was not , as most post 54 came in the TSC- Temperate Sea Scheme ie: Coastal scheme of Green (Dark Slate Grey) and Grey (Extra Dark Sea Grey) over Sky 30 sqn operated in both schemes while 31 preferred the TSC scheme and at the least overpainted the Brown (Dark Earth) with Grey (Extra Dark Sea Grey), all good till the Aust Mk 21's came along in over all Foliage Green , once again 30 didn't care and had Beau's in all three scheme's, 31 didn't like the Foliage Green for over water ops and had a variation of the TSC, I have been told the 31 Sqn scheme was Dark Sea Grey applied over the Foliage Green in same pattern as the TSC aircraft over Sky Blue , to give a unique 31 Sqn version of TSC Green (Foliage Green) and Grey (Dark Sea Grey) over Sky (now Sky Blue).'

For the full discussion go HERE.

I can only find the one photo of aircraft A19-27 which shows the nose art. While mostly accurate I believe that the decal could be improved as it is missing some detail that I believe would be possible to include.


The instructions

The instructions are a double sided A5 colour sheet showing camouflage pattern and marking location in one side and suggested paints on the other. The paint guide gives Humbrol and Agama paint numbers.


I recommend this product as it gives a not often covered set of markings, but is brought down by possible improvements of the nose art.

Decals courtesy of my wallet and available from Red Roo Models.