1/48 F-16C/D, 555th FS, Aviano Airbase, Italy

First look review by David Harvey

1/48 scale
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$12.50 AUD from Zed Hobbies
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First Look
Contents and Media:
2 printed decals sheet with an A3 sized instruction sheet and some reference images.
Extensive sheet covering many aircraft
None seen
Highly Recommended


In 2007, the 555th FS flew to Kunsan, Korea, from Aviano, Italy as a Air Expeditionary Force rotation. The 555th FS was once part of the 8th Fighter Wing "Wolfpack" in 1966, so it was as good as their 'homecoming'.

(Extract taken from Decal sheet instructions)

The decals

These decals are from a company that I have not heard of before, Cross Delta from Korea. I am very impressed for the vast array of decals and aircraft covered by this one sheet, especialy for the cost you pay for them. This one set can apparantly cover nine different aircraft from the same unit, complete with the different 'crew name' decals. These decals are waterslide and not dry transfer and are produced by Cartograf (the same as Afterburner Decals) from Italy. All of the decals on the review sample appear very nicely printed and are quite clear. For an idea of what the aircraft are I refer you to the image below showing the aircraft and crew names.

The instructions

The instructions come as an A3 sheet with the positioning data as well as painting instructions. For your money you also receive a number of reference images on the pages. There is also an A4 sheet with a few more reference images and heaps of what I assume is Korean writing.

The decal placement guide is done with colour images of all four views of the aircraft and it makes it quite clear where the markings go.


Not knowing a great deal about grey aircraft I won't comment on the accuracy of these decals but by all appearances they are a very good set for the small cost you pay.

I higly recommend them for the F-16 modellers out there.

Review sample courtsey of Lawrence Aphoy of Zed Hobbies.

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