AMLM49028 Blenheim Mk 1 'B' camouflage pattern masks

Review by David Harvey


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Contents and Media:

3 x sheets of masks. 2 x camouflage and one walkways


Makes masking simple and standard


None seen at this time


Highly Recommended



Over the years I have been getting better at making paper masks for my models that have camouflage schemes. The problem with the paper masks is that it is time consuming and , at times, puts me off finishing the paint job on the model. In recent years I have converted to using masks on the canopies as doing it manually was very painful and I was happy to go with a pre cut set of masks so I thought 'why not' when I started to see the masks for camouflage.

The RAF used a basic pattern of camouflage that used the same patterns (OMG did I say they used a pattern!!) that was reversed to make Pattern 'A' or Pattern 'B'. If you look at the various images of new aircraft you will see there are the same patterns but the colours are transposed, this is the difference between 'A' and 'B'. Once the aircraft was repainted things changed but the basic aircraft out of the factory used the same patterns. There is a big argument on Forums about whether masks were used during the building of the real aircraft but to me it sounds plausible.

The set

The set for the Airfix 1/48 Blenheim Mk 1 comes in a ziplock bag and contains three sheets of masks and the placement instruction sheet. The instruction sheet is all images of the aircraft with letters designating the different parts of the mask sheet, unfortunately the masks themselves don't have the letters on them. This is not a real problem as they are easily worked out by comparing them to the instructions.

The system of application of paint is, black firs then Dark Earth then the Dark Green. Once the black paint has been put on the model underneath and for the wing walking areas you can mask them off and do the overall Dark Earth and then mask off the areas to not be sprayed Dark Green. Personally I use paints in the order of lightest to the Darkest so it would be Dark Earth, Dark Green then the Black but with the masks it still should be ok.



I have yet to use the masks so I can't say how well they perform but they look like all the other masks I have used from various other manufacturers so I can't see much problem. I will update the article when I use them


The masks are simple to use and the instructions are easy to understand so Highly Recommended.

Review item courtesy of my wallet.