A48005 / A72008 SEAFURY

Review by David Harvey



I made the Hobby Craft 1/48 Sea Fury a few years ago straight from the box with the Aeromaster decals. Recently I purchased another Sea Fury and rather than making another Oxford Blue aircraft I thought I would go for the standard camouflage scheme. I visited Snowy Mountain Models and had a look around and stumbled over the Aussie Decals set. The set contains markings for the following Sea Fury's:

a. Sea Fury VW632/108K 805 SQN 1950, Extra Dark Sea Grey / Sky scheme (EDSG/Sky).

b. Sea Fury VX730/109K 805 SQN, HMAS Sydney, Korea, 1951. EDSG/Sky.

c. Sea Fury WH587/105K 805 SQN, EDSG/Sky.

d. Sea Fury WZ646/103K 805 SQN, EDSG/Sky.

e.Sea Fury WH588/114NW 724 SQN, allover Oxford Blue.

f. Sea Fury WH589/115NW 724 SQN, allover Oxford Blue.

g. Sea Fury 253K 'Magnificent Obsession' Australian Warbird, EDSG/Sky.

h. Sea Fury 308K of Guido Zuccoli, Australian Warbird 1993, EDSG/Sky.

The set also contains decals to do the canopy lines as well as some instructions/hints on how to paint the stripes on the wings and fueslage.

From the Aeromaster set I used the markings to make WH589/115 in all over Oxford Blue. At the time I ran into discrepancies between wahat was on the instruction sheet and what my references showed as the paint scheme for the Oxford Blue aircraft. The Aussie Decals set seems to have no problems with this as they match the pictures from my references very well. I have used a number of Aussie Decals sets and they have proved to be good quality and I have had no drama in applying them to a model.

With the variety supplied on this set I can only recommend that if you intend to make a Sea Fury in the future that you purchase them while you still can.


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