A705 HI-VIS RAAF ROUNDELS IN 1/72, 1/48 AND 1/32

Review by David Harvey

Review Type First Look

1/72, 1/48 and 1/32

Price: $?
Contents and Media: 4 sheets of decals and instruction sheet
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



This product of Aussie Decals contains RAAF roundels with both the Red Roo and the red spot for the centre. It should cover the variety of different roundels required for ADF aircraft post WWII. It is supplied in a clear plastic bag with four sheets of decals in it.

Two of the sheets of decals are for the tail markings and you receive approximately 18 cm of red/white/blue stripes with each sheet (approx 36 cm in total). The red and blue are 11mm wide whilst the white stripe is 33mm wide. This should keep you going for some time with tail markings for your kits.

The other two sheets comprise numerous blue/white roundels with separate red dots and red roos. The Roos are all of the same style of 'QANTAS' type roos. As you can see from the instruction sheet, there are a large number of different size roundels, roos and dots that will enable you to mix and match to meet any requirement you would have for your model.

The decals are well printed and enough of each size roundel and appropriate roo/dot to finish of a number of kits.

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