A48075 1/48 SE.5a WWI - AFC and RFC

First look review by David Harvey

1/48 scale
Catalogue Number and Details:
$? AUD
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
1 printed decals sheet with an A4 sized instruction sheet.
Covering a forgotten area
Slightly streaky in some colours (but not serious)
Highly Recommended



The SE.5a was one of the mainstays of the late period in WWI. This aircraft has suffered the same fate as the Sopwith Camel as it has been barely covered by manufacturers in 1/48 and then only poorly. Roden once again came to the rescue of WWI aircraft fans by producing a couple of versions of the aircraft for us to spend out money on.

The decals

As usual with Aussie Decals sets they come in the standard zip-lock bag with an instruction sheet and a sheet of decals printed on a single sheet of continuous decal film. The reds are slightly streaky on the review samples but once again are ok for normal viewing distances. This 'streakiness' is a result of the manner in which these decals are printed.

The aircraft covered by this set are:

  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a D6995, flown by LT Frank Alberry, No 2 SQN AFC, France October 1918;
  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a C9539, flown by CAPT Henry G Forrest, No 2 SQN AFC, France March 1918;
  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a E5765, flown by CAPT Earnest E Davies, No 2 SQN AFC, Lille, France November 1918;
  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a D3511, flown by MAJ Roderic S Dallas, No 40 SQN RFC, Lille, France May 1918;
  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a B129, flown by CAPT Leslie H Holden, No 6 SQN AFC, Minchinhampton, England late 1918; and
  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a D3541, Training aircraft No 6 SQN AFC, Minchinhampton, England late 1918.

The instructions

As you can see from the images below the instructions are full coloured A4 sheet with colour charts giving FS numbers where possible. As wit all WWI aircraft and colours it is very difficult to make a categorical statement due to lack of references and examples.



As with the Sopwith Camel set, this set covers a barely reproduced area.

I highly recommend this set due to not only the topic covered but for the quality of the decals.

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