A48060 Hurricane Mk 1b 'trop' in RAAF service

Review by David Harvey

1/48 scale (also available in 1/144, 1/72 and 1/32)
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$14.95 AUD from Vic Hobby Centre
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First Look
Contents and Media:
1 printed decals sheet with an A4 sized instruction sheet.
Covering a rarely produced area
Some discolouration on the RAF fin marking, bleeding on RAAF roundels.


The Hawker Hurricane servede during WWII as one of the aircraft that saved England during the Battle of Britain as well as serving on many fronts and in many guises. It also served with both 3 SQN and 451 SQN's RAAF in RAF service. On top of this service in the RAF there was only one Hurricane that was allocated a RAAF 'series number', being A60-1. This number was not painted on the aircraft at any stage as it remained with the RAF allocated serial numbers. The history of the aircraft and a bit more on the schemes it served in are to be found on the AMI Discussion board. The ADF serial numbers site has some details on the service of the aircraft.

The Decals

The decals come in the usual Aussie Decals plastic bag with yellow header. The decals are printed on continuous film so care will be taken to trim them off the sheet. The majority of the sheet is well printed with a few annomolies.

On this sheet you receive sufficient markings for the following schemes:

  • Hurricane Mk 1b Trop, V7476 delivery scheme RAAF, 1941. RAF Dark Earth, RAF Dark Green and RAF Sky type S.
  • Hurricane Mk 1b Trop, V7476 mid WWII scheme RAAF, 1943. Foilage green uppers, RAAF Sky Blue undersides.
  • Hurricane Mk 1b Trop, V7476 late WWII scheme RAAF, 1945. All over natural metal finish.

You receive a variety of RAAF roundels as well as the RAF roundels dependant on the time frame. The roundels and letter codes also change colour and style between Grey and Blak. The majority of the roundels are printed well but there is a small amount of bleed on the RAAF roundels on the review set from the blue area onto the white in some cases and outside the roundel area in others. These are only very small and won't be visible from more than a 'foot' or so. The RAF fin flash suffers from some discolouration on the red area. This looks like it has been smudged during the printing process and may only be this set. The remainder of the decals are up to the same standard as previously reviewed Aussie Decals sets.

The Instructions

The instructions come printed on a double sided A4 sheet in colour. You receive a three view marking guide for each aircraft with the colours matched to a FS number to assist in finding the right colour. A suggestion for getting the right colour may in fact be to find a set of the Ian K Baker colour chips and use those for the finding the 'right' one. With each aircraft you also receive any notes specific for the scheme depicted.


This is a good set of decals for the lone example of the Hurricane given an 'A' number. Unfortunately the review set was let down by some bleeding of the blue on the RAAF roundels and the discolouration of the red bars in the RAF fin marking. To that end I recommend the set for those interested in the aircraft.

Review set courtesy of my wallet and purchased from Vic Hobby Centre.

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