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The RAAF used the P-51 Mustang in many guises during WWII ranging from the early B/C Mustangs to the later D/K. An Australian Pilot even managed to shoot down a ME163 rocket with a P-51 Mustang III in the later stages of the war. After the war they went on to serve in Korea and Japan until replaced by the Meteor. The P-51D/K went to be manufactured by Australia after the war by CAC and these aircraft all served in Australia except four CAC Mk 23's that saw service with 77 SQN in Korea.

The decals

This decal sheet covers four post war aircraft, being:

  • P-51K Mustang A68-564, MP*T, 86 SQN RAAF;
  • P-51D Mustang A68-750, AM*G, 77 SQN RAAF;
  • P-51D Mustang A68-774, SV*X, 76 SQN RAAF; and
  • P-51D Mustang A68-809, 77 SQN RAAF - Wing Commander Lou Spence.

This is a small set cover four aircraft of various Squadrons at the end of the war and onwards. The decals are printed on continuous sheet and as such will need to be trimmed carefully to ensure a snug fit on the model. There only seems to be two problems with the set as far as I can tell, both easily fixed. The first is what appears to be a few scratches along the shark mouths and the tail flash, but Damian of Aussie Decals would readily replace the damaged items (especially since I received them direct from him). I am unsure if they are scratches that go all the way through and will only be able to tell when they are placed in water. The second is the placement markings for the tail number of MP*T. On the instruction sheet it indicates that the 'A' number should be forward of the tail planes and under the arm of the 'T'. The correct placement is clear in the photo on page 119 of 'The Spitfire, Mustang and Kittyhawk, in Australian Service by Stewart Wilson. The number should be in the same position as the other 'A' numbers featured on the decals set, half under the tail plane.


This is another good set produced by Aussie Decals for those interested in RAAF aircraft. Apart from the two minor problems mentioned above I have no problem in recommending these decals for your P-51.

This set is courtesy of Damian Casey of Aussie Decals.

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