A48050 RAAF Mosquito's

Review by David Harvey


The RAAF used the Mosquito during WWII in both Europe and eventually in the Pacific theatre. The aircraft was eventually manufactured in Australia after several production problems relating to the glue and wood used in the aircraft. Unfortunately a great number of the aircraft manufactured locally were sent straight to storage and never used.

Whilst there have been 1/48 renditions of the Mosquito in existence prior to the Tamiya version, none are anywhere as well made as this. A number of after market decal sheets were also made but few covering the RAAF use to this extent. Aussie Decals has made a good combination of markings that cover the majority of colours used on the Mosquito in RAAF service.

The decals

This revised sheet of decals covers the following markings:

  • Mosquito FB.40 A52-3, No 1 Air Performance Unit RAAF, May 1944. This aircraft has the scheme of RAAF Earth brown and Foilage Green uppers and RAAF Sky Blue underneath.
  • Mosquito FB.40 A52-67 No 5 OTU, RAAF Williamstown, early 1945. Overall Foilage Green.
  • Mosquito FB.VI A52-525, J*NA, No 1 SQN RAAF, QLD 1945. Overall Aluminium.
  • Mosquito FB.VI A52-526, E*NA, No1 SQN RAAF, Morotai, July 1945. RAF Medium Sea Grey overall and RAF Dark Green Camouflage uppers with Foilage green touch up on the tail.

In the constant search for accuracy, Damian Casey of Aussie Decals has revised this set of decals to reflect new information that has appeared since the markings were released at the Melbourne Expo 2007. The amendments include:

  • A52-3 having the camouflage line adjusted to correctly reflect photographs of the period and the addition of a variation of the aircraft that was found in the AWM archives. The variation is that the images in the AWM archives shows the aircraft with the rudder not being camouflaged completely as per the original instructions. It appears that at some stage the rudder had been replaced but not painted at the time of the photographs being taken. As there are also images of the aircraft with the full camouflage as per the diagram you can take your choice of finishes.
  • A52-525, J*NA has had the 'J' modified to more correctly reflect the photographs of the aircraft in flight.



* the roundels may appear to be oval rather than round in the images but this is only due to the transferring of the images from the original design program to a JPEG image.


This set has been awaited by a great number of people for some time now. Prior to this you would have to make up the markings for the RAAF Mosquito's from various sources. With the revision of these instructions and some markings I highly recommend this set for those interested in RAAF Mosquito's and those wanting something different. Now I can only hope that more sets are released with the nose markings of the WWII aircraft and the unit emblems of the later aircraft.

Review set courtesy of Aussie Decals.


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