A48049 1/48 CAC Boomerang decals

First Look review by David Harvey

1/48 scale (also available in 1/72 and 1/32)
Catalogue Number and Details:
$13.95 AUD
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
1 printed decals sheet with an A4 sized instruction sheet.
Covering areas not covered by the Red Roo Sets
None at this time
Highly Recommended


With the advent of the Special Hobby 1/48 Boomerang kit there is finally a relatively easy way to cover one of Australia's own designed and built aircraft. There are other sets available for the Boomerang but the only other credible choice currently are those produced by Red Roo Models. These sets cover some similar areas but also other aircraft as well.

The decals

The decals come on a single piece of decals paper and cover the following aircraft:

  • CA-12 Boomerang A46-57 LB*E, 84 SQN RAAF, Horn Island, mid 1944;
  • CA-13 Boomerang A46-193 "Struth" QE*H, 4 SQN RAAF, late 1944;
  • CA-19 Boomerang A46-222 "Glamour Girl" BF*K, 5 SQN RAAF, Bougainville early 1945;
  • CA-19 Boomerang A46-206 "Milingimbi Ghost MH*Y (VH-BOM), as restored by Guido Zuccoli.

The set is produced on continuous film and provides sufficient roundels for at two of the aircraft to be produced. As with other sets produced by the same printing process, the greys and yellows appear a little 'streaky' when viewed close up but from normal viewing distance they should be good. The nose art appears to be very nicely rendered and should go well on your model.

The instructions

The instructions come in the usual full colour, double sided A4 sheet as produced by Aussie Decals. As per usual they also include a colour reference listing FS colours where applicable.



This is another good set produced by Aussie Decals. Whilst some of the aircraft have been covered before by other companies, this set gives you a variety of different models of the Boomerang to do once Special Hobby hopefully bring out kits other than the CA-12. With the assistance of Richard Hourigan and the different references used by Aussie Decals I am also sure of the accuracy of this set.

To that end I highly recommend this decal sheet.

Review set courtesy of Aussie Decals.

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