A48021 PBY5 Catalina in RAAF service

Review by David Harvey

1/48 scale (also available in 1/144 and 1/72 )
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1 printed decals sheet with an A4 sized instruction sheet.
Covering a rarely produced area
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Highly Recommended


The PBY-5 Catalina was used extensively by many forces during WWII for Anti-Submarine warfare as well as long range anti shipping raids. The RAAF used them in these roles all over the Pacific as well as in Australia. The aircraft was used by many civil companies after the war in many roles.

In 1/72 there are several kits that can be used but the main contender is the Academy kits of the Catalina. In 1/48 it's a one horse race, namely the Revell kit that produces a very large model that requires a big display area.

The Decals

The decals come in the usual Aussie Decals plastic bag with yellow header. The decals are printed on continuous film so care will be taken to trim them off the sheet. The sheet is very well printed with all the decals being cleanly printed and in register. I have been a bit dubious previously about the yellow and grey printed items on Aussie Decal sheets due to the graininess of them. I have since spoken to a very knowledgeable person who believes they are very well done for the printing medium used.

On this sheet you receive sufficient markings for the following aircraft:

  • PBY-5 Catalina A24-10 "Dagwood", 11 SQN QLD 1942. In the scheme of Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky Grey.
  • PBY-5 Catalina A24-59 RB-L, 20 SQN, January 1944. Scheme of RAAF Dark Ocean Blue, RAAF Night and Matt Black.
  • PBY-5 Catalina A24-91 "Seahawk", 111 ASR Flight, 1945. Scheme of USN Blue-Grey and Matt Black.
  • PBY-5A Catalina A24-104, 11 SQN Rathmines NSW, 1948. Scheme of all over RAAF Silver.


The Instructions

The instructions come printed on a double sided A4 sheet in colour. You receive a three view marking guide for each aircraft with the colours matched to a FS number to assist in finding the right colour. A suggestion for getting the right colour may in fact be to find a set of the Ian K Baker colour chips and use those for the finding the 'right' one. With each aircraft you also receive any notes specific for the scheme depicted.


I have a 1/48 Revell Catalina for which these markings are destined for. They are well printed and definitely worth the small amount that they cost. In other words I highly recommend this set.

Review set courtesy of Damian of Aussie Decals.

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