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This is another set of PE from Voyager Models for the MLRS. This set is designed for the German version of the MLRS, to use this product you also require the use of the generic set PE35006 for the MLRS.

This is a small set that comprises three small PE sheets that are specific for the German version of the MLRS. This set is nowhere near as extensive as PE35006 and I feel that about half the parts are easily reproduced with plastic sheeting eg the track guards and some of the detailing on the rear area of the MLRS. I feel that it would have been better if Voyager had just included a template on the instruction sheet for those items I mentioned earlier. The single page of instructions is not as useful as I would expect and is not that clear on what is required to utilise the set. I am unable to post the instruction sheet as it is very faint, good enough to read but not scan.

I can't recommend this set in the same manner as PE35006 as it has few parts that I feel deserve to have this amount of metal dedicated to it as well as a poor instruction sheet.

This item is available from Crusader Trading and Hawkeye Models.

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