DML KIT NO 3522 AND 3523

Review by David Harvey


We have received several Voyager Models PE sets from Clayton Fiander of Hawkeye Models Australia. This generic set is designed for the Dragon 1/35 MLRS kit no DML3522 and 3523.

This PE set consists of two small plastic envelopes with four sheets of PE of various thickness, some plastic rod and a clear acetate sheet for the instrument panel. The set covers a great deal of the small fiddly parts on the MLRS including buckles, clasps, lifting rings and things like window frames and the front window shutters. The set also contains the mesh required to do the engine decking as well as some padlocks for the vehicle storage bins.

This set looks to be well planned and does not try to portray round objects with flat metal as I have seen in some PE sets. Some of the PE is very fine and I would suggest that it would require some experience and the correct tools to bend it to the correct shape. An example of this is the door handles for the cabin doors which are quite small. The three page instruction sheet is well laid out and detail the changes required to the original parts.

My only real problem with the set is the way in which the parts are scattered all over the place and can take some time to find the parts you are after. I also have a concern about the joins between some of the parts due to the small area for glue to take. This would be the same for all PE sets so it is not just this manufacturers product that suffer from it.

All up I would recommend this set for those with some PE experience and will produce a good model.


Available from Hawkeye Models Australia and Crusader Trading.

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