TD48512 1/48 Buffalo Mk 1 and B339 cockpit set

Review by David Harvey

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$20.00 AUD
Contents and Media:
1 x instruction sheet and 33 pieces of resin
A good rendition of the cockpit with minimal scratchbuilding
A large amount of flash, the replacement seat is filled with air holes


The Brewster Buffalo was used by the RAAF in the early part of WWII with some aircaft lasting unitl later in the war as PRU aircraft. In model form the kit is represented in 1/48 by an old kit from Tamiya that was first produced many years ago and a kit from Special Hobby and Classic Airframes. The Special Hobby and Classic Airframes kit's are recent release and way ahead of the Tamiya kit in detail and depending on the version you wished to make they would certainly be the kit of choice to use. For those of us that have the Tamiya kit in the stash it's a case of working with what you have or disposing of it.

The hardest part of the Tamiya kit to rectify is the cockpit in my opinion, all others can be rectified by either purchasing the Red Roo conversion set for the Mk 1 or using the kit parts if you have the right edition of the Tamiya kit. The cockpit is just wrong for those Buffalo's used by the RAAF and it requires scratch building the whole structure if you are that way inclined. I have done this previously and it takes a fair amount of work to do it convincingly for the minimal amount that is seen through the canopy. The easier way is to use the True Details set featured here.

The conversion

The set comes in pale tan resin that contains considerable amounts of flash, whilst this won't take a great deal of time to clean up it is still there. For your money you receive 33 pieces of resin as listed below:

  • Cockpit spar
  • Instrument panel
  • Control column
  • Right and left side cockpit walls
  • Port / starboard rudder pedal support
  • Port control box
  • Port and starboard auxiliary panel
  • Rudder pedal assembly
  • Pencil box
  • Rear bulkhead
  • Windscreen heater hose
  • Map case back panel
  • Seat supports x 2
  • B339 compass
  • Map case front panel
  • Wing gun handle/heater control
  • B339 centre auxiliary panel
  • Fuel pump handle
  • Flap / undercarriage control handles
  • Mk 1 gunsight
  • Control column receptacle
  • Emergency hydraulic pump handle
  • Mk 1 centre auxiliary panel
  • Control column linkage
  • Compass
  • Oxygen bottle support bracket
  • Control stick
  • Lighting / gun panel
  • Throttle control

Using the Red Roo book covering the Buffalo as a reference, the resin set is a very good replacement for the kit parts. You will need to remove the kit details form the side walls but this will not be a big problem. You are also requiired to scratchbuild a few handles and actuators from platic, this also is not a big problem as they are simple builds. The biggest disapointment in the set is the condition of the seat provided in the set. The seat is filled with air holes on the upright section and would require filling to rectify. Once again this is not a big drama but it should not be the case for a set like this. You would of course be able to replace this with the seat provided in Red Roo set or the kit seat if you have the edition with the correct seat for the version you are after.

Cockpit walls, coaming and rufdder pedals
Cockpit floor and seat - note the air bubles
Assorted panels and guages
Control stick and assorted panels
Assorted handles
Control stick and assorted panels
Rear bulkhead
Cockpit floor after trimming


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