1/48 Fairey Swordfish Bracing Wire set

Review by David Harvey


The 1/48 Tamiya Fairey Swordfish has been out for a number of years now and has included the Mk I, II, clear edition and float equipped versions. As an optional extra, Tamiya released a Photo Etch set to cover the modellers worst nightmare - the rigging!

The instructions

The photo etch set itself only has instructions on how to apply PE rather than which piece of PE goes where. To find this information out you need to go to the Swordfish kit instructions where you get a fully detailed set of instructions on what goes where. The kit instructions are easily understood of when to use the PE set as they have 'DP' as required at each stage.

PE set instructions
Example of kit instructions
Note the engine wiring harness bending in stage 9 and the use of the kit part to help

The set

The set includes the following:

  • 2 x engine wiring harness;
  • A tool for enlarging holes to attach the PE;
  • Torpedo sights x-ring;
  • Torpedo aiming x-bar; and
  • Bracing wires (wings and tail).


Like all PE sets you need to take care when removing the PE from the fret and then applying it. I have no doubt that prior PE application experience is required to get the most from this set. To that end I recommend this set for those that have some experience but it could be a good set to start on.

Review sample purchased from Hobby HQ.

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