48026 1/48 TSR.2 Landing Gear

Review by David Harvey

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First Look
GBP£13.50 from A2zee Models
Contents and Media:
7 x white metal replacements for Airfix parts
Stronger than the original parts and fixes the angle of the undercarriage.
Exact copy of the original parts



When the 1/48 Airfix TSR2 kit came out there were many people who were rapturous that it had finally come. As usual, once modellers managed to get their hands on the kit and start making it a few problems came out, one of which was the angle of the undercarriage. The serious types considered it to be 'sitting' wrong as the angle was incorrect and it affected the way in which the whole aircraft looked.

One very valiant modeller went to the fun of correcting the error with an in depth and very involved fix in an article for Hyperscale (for the detailed article on Hyperscale go HERE). The fix was a bit involved for the majority of us (not having a go at him though) so Scale Aircraft Conversions have come to the rescue with a replacement set for the undercarriage with the legs set at the correct angle.

The set

The set comes in a bubble pack that protects the parts sufficiently and there are no instructions included. These parts don't require instructions because they are an exact replica of the main Airfix parts, except for the angle of the main leg.The parts have some work rquired to remove the seam lines.

Not much more can be said about this set as it is just the Airfix set in white metal with the angle corrected. Having looked at numerous images of the TSR2 at Cosford I was hoping that this set would reflect a more accurate landing gear than what comes in the kit. Unfortunately it doesn't as it just corrects the 'splay' angle. Recently I read an comment on a forum that is entirely relevant - we buy theses sets for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To correct an incorrect undercarriage;
  • we are after the strength of the white metal; or
  • we need them to add weight to help stop a kit being a tail sitter.

This set really only solves the angle problem as the kit is not a tail sitter and at this stage I don't beleive that being white metal or plastic makes any difference to the strength of the undercarriage. Time is the only thing that will tell with the strength issue as it may well splay out over time. As it is only a direct copy of the original Airfix parts ir doesn't correct any detail problems either.


To that end I can only recommend the set as I see no real advantage for the average modeller to spend the $20 or so to get it unless you can see the three or so degrees difference.

Review set courtesy of my wallet from A2Zee models of the UK.


  • Hyperscale - Airfix 1/48 scale TSR.2 Main Gear Legs, Correcting the Splay Angle (Revised Version) by Steve Naylor

  • Thunder and Lightning site- British Aircraft Corporation TSR2 walkaround


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