Red Roo Models

RRR72169 1/72 Scarff Ring and Lewis Machine Gun

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$10.60 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

2 x Scarff Rings and Lewis Machine Guns


Nicely cast


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Highly Recommended



The Scarff ring was a type of machine gun mounting developed during the First World War by Warrant Officer (Gunner) F. W. Scarff of the Admiralty Air Department for use on two-seater aircraft. The mount was used on a large number of aircraft and became standard fitment for WWI aircraft as well as a number of post war RAF aircraft including the Swordfish, Walrus, Wapiti, Hawker Hart and Fury derivatives.

The set

Red Roo has now released an update set that comprises two complete Scarff Rings and single Lewis guns to go on them. There are three items for each set:

All components are cast in brass and are quite nicely done. The Lewis Gun needs cutting off the casting sprue and a small amount of clean up while the mount and ring could use a small amount of clean up. As with all brass items you need to give them a primer coat before painting and glue them on with CA rather than normal model glues.


This set is a nice addition to any small scale two seater aircraft and will replace a 1/72 kit component with minimal work.