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RRR72154 Red Roo Models 1/72 450lb Depth Charges

by David Harvey


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First Look




$5.50 AUD from Red Roo Models

Contents and Media:

2 x resin depth charges


Nicely cast


Missing retaining straps


Highly Recommended



At the beginning of WWII the British Coastal Command had only 100lb and 250lb Depth Charges for aircraft. These tended to be relatively ineffective due to the small target and small charge. Coastal Command modified the Royal Navy 450lb Mk VII Depth Charge to suit aerial use and fitted them to Catalina, Whitley, Liberator and Sunderland aircraft.

The set

This is a simple set of two Depth Charges with main body and tail cone cast seperately. The parts are very fine which caused one of the very fine fins being broken on receipt. The main bodies are missing the very fine detail of the side straps that hold the nose and tail on but this can be rectified with some stretched sprue. There is also a find line around the tail cone that is missing but this can also be easily rectified it desired.

The set comes with a double sided instruction sheet with images on both sides and an extract from the manual covering the details of the Depth Charges.


These items are finely cast items with minimal extra work to be done to them if desired. Highly recommended.

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