RRR72141 1/72 CAC Sabre Drop Tanks, 120 and 200 US Gallons capacity

by David Harvey


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First Look




$8.75 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

4 x resin tanks and instruction sheet


Cleanly cast


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Highly Recommended



As with all items such as wing tanks and weapons the biggest problem is getting the right shaped and sized item to suit your model. Red Roo has come to the help for those modelling the F-86 sabre by providing two different types of tanks for your kit.

From looking at images on the internet there seems to be a variety of sizes and configurations of tanks used on the F-86 including no tailplanes, triangular tailplanes or ones with fins as depicted here. According to Red Roo the tanks portrayed in this set are the more common ones seen.

The Kit items

Due to scale you receive two of each of the 100 Imp Gallon (120 US Gal) and the 166 Imp Gallon (200 US Gallon) tanks in the one box along with the instruction sheet.

The tanks are very nicely cast with no bubbles and have the pylon cast integrally to save you a bit of time. Having a look around the internet the tanks seem to be a rather complicated shape and Red Roo has, I feel, managed to capture this well. On both sets of tanks there is very finely cast details of panel lines and filler caps, and I do mean fine. The fins are an odd shape but seem true to the original and they are very thinly cast so could need care when separating from the casting block.

When attaching the tanks to the model you will also need to add sway braces as these appear to be commonly fitted to these tanks.

120 US Gallons CAC Sabre Drop Tanks 200 US Gallons capacity CAC Sabre Drop Tanks


Reference Images

These images are of the 100 Imp Gal tank on the Avon Sabre located at the Queensland Aviation Museum at Caloundra, Queensland.


The Instructions

The instructions are a double sided A4 sheet with six reference images and a brief but helpful bit of history that gives assistance in selecting the correct tank for the aircraft you are modelling.


I highly recommend these items as they are very nicely cast, well shaped and appear to be accurate.

Review items courtesy of and available from Red Roo Models.