1/72 Scale RAAF Meteor Mk 8 Enhancement Set

by Steve Mackenzie

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First Look
Contents and Media:
18 x A4 pages of colour instructions plus resin pieces (see listing of contents)
High quality and attention to detail. Very good quality resin with no discernable faults. Exceptional, detailed instructions.
Highly recommended for those interested in the enhancement of the MPM/Extrakit 1/72 models of this subject


This Red Roo set is designed to build on and improve the detail in the MPM/Extrakit 1/72 injection moulded kits of the Gloster Meteor Mk.8 (sold as a Mk.8 or Mk.9 depending on the boxing). This set provides the necessary pieces in Resin plus some wire (shown on scan) to convert the target kits.

This is an extremely comprehensive set (see the listing of the contents below), the resin parts being very well moulded. Research is done by Dick Hourigan, although Dick is best known for his expertise in C.A.C products, he also has a keen interest in the Gloster Meteor. Instructions consist of 18 x A4 sheets, being very comprehensive giving multi view drawings and photos of the actual airframe with clear instructions on how to do the conversion. There is a total of 50 drawings, photos etc illustrating the instructions. Colour details are also clearly explained.

The resin as usual with Red Roo is well moulded with no imperfections at all (the attached photos do not do it justice). The instructions take you through the construction sequences in a clear and precise manner, there being alternate notes for open and closed canopies and the two different engine nacelle intake sizes.



Highly recommended, as is the two armament sets for Korean Meteors, RRR772126 Napalm Warhead Rockets and RRR72127 1000 lb Bomb Configuration reviewed separately.

All sets are available from Red Roo Models:

Gary Byk -

Address: Red Roo Models
P.O Box 113
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Many thanks to Gary Byk from Red Roo Models for the review copies!

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