RRR48184 1/48 Spitfire Mk II / Mk V Rotol spinner and propeller blades

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$10.00 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

5 resin components


Nicely cast


None seen at this time.


Highly Recommended



From its introduction into service the Spitfire was under constant improvement and trials. From the 78th aircraft the two blade wooden propeller it started with was replaced by a de Havilland two-speed 3-blade propeller. From the 175th aircraft the engine was changed from the 1030 hp Merlin II to the similar Merlin III, which could take either the de Havilland propeller or a more advanced Rotol propeller. These changes increased the performance of the Spitfire at different speeds, as the angle of the propeller blade could be altered to suit high or low speed situations.

This set from Red Roo covers the upgrade to the new Rotol propeller and is designed for the Tamiya Mk II (original and retooled), Tamiya Mk V, Hasegawa Mk V and the Airfix Mk I/V kits. Depending on the kit you may be required to make some small adjustments to improve fit.

The set

This is a simple set that consists of a single page of instructions and five components:

The parts are well cast and I can’t see any surface imperfections on this set. The instructions consist of a half page of construction and finish suggestions as well as a simple diagram.

The images below show the Red Roo propellers compared against the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk1/Mk1A/MkIIA kit propellors.



A simple upgrade that should improve the look of any Spitfire Mk II/V. Highly recommended.