RRR48175 1/48 RAAF Meteor Mk.8 Detail set for Airfix kit

Review by David Harvey


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$22.00 AUD from Red Roo

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Multiple items as per below


A comprehensive update ste for the Airfix kit.


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Highly Recommended



The Airfix 1/48 kit released by Airfix in 2016 was a very nice kit that went together easily and looked good. Unfortunately it had a few issues with the accuracy of the model due to the aircraft they used as a master being incorrectly restored or incomplete eg they duplicated a missing panel off the original aircraft on to the kit. Richard Hourigan of Red Roo Models fame (and a great deal more as well) did a through review of the kit in the ModelArt Australia magazine issue no 89 and no 94 detailing the various problems and good points with the kit.

As a result of the various minor problems Red Roo brought out this update set that fixes a great number of small details, supplies the missing Rockets for the RAAF version and points out a few improvements of the base kit.


The standard white Red Roo box contains the following:

The Instructions

As usual the instructions are picture heavy and full of very precise information (Richard is an engineer after all) to assist you with using this update set and producing an improved model. They are broken in to three areas:

The decal placement pages are well printed and show the various markings you can replace the kit markings with as some are incorrect for a RAAF aircraft or just need improving. The decals are available separately from Red Roo.

See below for some examples of the pages.


The decals

The decals come on two sheets, on for the aircraft stencils and the other for the fuel tank markings. These markings are designed to replace the kit markings that are either printed incorrectly or not accurate for a RAAF Meteor. As has been put out by Red Roo for a long time now the decals are well printed and look very nice. I expect these to go on well but I will be making three Meteors using these in the near future so keep looking for future updates on how well they go on.

The conversion items

The resin components are well cast thought the main tires seem to have a small mark that looks like a cut on them both from the casting process. I doubt this will be a problem as it is small and will be very hard to see once painted up and installed on the aircraft. The rockets will only need a very small amount of clean up and the tails look as if they will separate easily from the casting blocks.

The brass rocket rails will need some very minor clean up and then straightening prior to installation. This straightening is nothing hard as the brass will easily bend the small amount required with no real chance of breakage.

The rest of the components are supplied close to size for installation and just need to be trimmed and faired in as required.


* Note, the images above have a needle and a few extra wire bits from the other Meteor update set so you only receive one needle and one set of wire 'V's.


This simple set and the detailed instructions allows the modeller to upgrade the Airfix 1/48 Meteor easily. The parts are nicely cast and the basic parts such as card and wire are provided so you don't need to go finding them yourself.

All up it is a good update set and as such is Highly Recommended.

Review set courtesy of Red Roo Models.