Red Roo Models

Red Roo Models 1/48 Beaufighter Main Wheels

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$5.45 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

2 x resin wheels


Nicely cast


None really


Highly Recommended



As part of it's ongoing RAAF series, Red Roo Models has started to make not just Mustang components but have now moved into the Beaufighter accessory market. Previously they have had a TT conversion set, exhaust gills and various other components.

Previously the wheels for the Beau' only being available as part of the TT set, thankfully this has now changed and they have released them seperately.

The components

The set comprises two main wheels for the Beaufighter in a light grey resin. The resin is well cast with no pin holes in the wheels and they look wuite good. They come with a slight bulge at the bottom of the wheel and this does not appear to be overdone as I have seen in some versions of bulged wheels.

These have no real tread on them and appear in numerous photos of Beaufighters in RAAF and other Air Forces usages. They may need some drilling to make them fit on the Tamiya undercarriage but this should not be a problem.



Not much more to say about them but they are a well cast piece of resin that should make your Tamiya Beau look that little bit better. Highly Recommended.


Review set courtesy of and available from Red Roo Models.