RRR48155 1/48 P-51K Auxiliary Air Intake Dust Shield

Review by David Harvey

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First Look
1/72, 1/48 and 1/32
$5.50 AUD from Red Roo Models
Contents and Media:
four individual screens (enough for two aircraft)
Simple addition to a kit, very thin resin.
None at this stage
Highly Recommended



During WWII a number of Mk III and Mk IV Mustangs were fitted with aft facing louvres rivetted over the standard perforated plates covering the filtered air intakes on either side of the 'cheeks' of the aircraft. Apparently there are two different styles with the blades of the louvres set at either shallower or steeper angles relative to the plates so exposing more or less of the perforations below the louvre. Whilst the exact reason is apparently unknown, the main theory is that they were designed to exclude the mud and dust from the rough airstrips that the aircraft were launching from. The louvres are apparently only found on British or Commonwealth operated Mustangs that were accepted in the United Kingdom.

Cervia, Italy. c. 1945. Informal portrait of 425749 Flying Officer (FO) I. G. S. (Bill) Purssey of Brisbane, Qld, a pilot of No. 3 (Mustang) Squadron RAAF in northern Italy. FO Purssey has taken part in many operations since the Spring offensive began, smashing transport vehicles, bridges and locomotives. Cervia, Italy. c. 1945. Portrait of four members of No. 3 Squadron RAAF, operating in northern Italy in close support of the Eighth Army, in front of a North American P51 Mustang Aircraft. Left to right: 425749 Flying Officer (FO) I. G. Purssey of Brisbane, Qld; 422721 Warrant Officer J. B. Taylor of Coonamble, NSW; FO B. Burton of Eastwood, NSW, and 409150 Flight Lieutenant A. F. Lane of Macorna, Qld. A mixed flight of Mustang Mk III and IV fighter bombers of No 3 Squadron (Sqn), RAAF, returning from a raid over Northern Italy. The first three aircraft have been finished in bare metal while the last two have been camouflaged in dark green and medium sea grey. The closest aircraft, a Mk IV A (K CV KH-853), was usually piloted by 400104 Flight Lieutenant Kenneth Albert (Ken) Richards, DFC and Bar. Note the distinctive Southern Cross design (white stars on blue background) on the rudders of the aircraft, unique to 3 Sqn.

All images courtesy of the Australian War Memorial

The set

This is a simple update to any P-51 Kit to be made into a Mustang used in North Africa or the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO). The resin is remarkably thin and could even be easily hollowed out between the shield areas to allow the intake holes to be seen. What seem like bubbles in the resin on each corner of the casting are in fact the mounting bolt holes for the real thing. The louvres are available in three different scales and they are virtually indistinguishable from each other other than the obvious difference of size.

As with all models, you need to check your references to exactly what aircraft you are modelling as not all of the P-51’s seem to have them in the images I have looked at.


The three different scale of louvres - 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72

The 1/48 scale louvres as supplied in the set



This is a nicely cast, simple addition to spruce up a RAAF Mustang or any other aircraft that fitted with the intake covers. Highly recommended.

Review set courtesy of Red Roo Models.

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