Red Roo Models

RRR48146 1/48 Red Roo Models RAAF Beaufighter Pilot and Observor seats

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$4.95 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

2 x resin seats


Replaces Tamiya seats with a more correct version


None at this stage


Highly Recommended



This set covers a pair of RAAF Beaufighter seats for the Observer and pilot. They are nicely cast in an grey resin with no holes in the casting. They come with the seat belts cast on to them, these appear to be cleanly done and should paint up well. Having the seat belts cast on may not suit some people as they prefer PE seat belts, but this is not a disadvantage to me as that is more a personal choice than compulsory.

The Observers seat is a fold up type and Red Roo have managed to get an undercut are that portrays the folded up area well

Not much else to say as it is just a simple set but it does look good and should add a touch of extra detail to the Tamiya kit.

Review set courtesy of Red Roo Models.