RRR48142 1/48 A4 Skyhawk 150 Gal Drop Tank (5 cent peice only for scale)

First look review by David Harvey

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$13.25 AUD
Contents and Media:
2 x body and 2 x tail fin and a one sided A5 instructions sheet.
Fine detail and easily put together.
Small amount of surface imperfections that require sanding smooth.
Highly Recommended


Initialy ordered in the period 1963 to 1965, the A4 Skyhawk served with the Royal Australian Navy until the last official flypast was held on 30 Jun 1984 towing a Delmar Target on a sortie which enabled HMAS Sydney to test it's Phalanx Close in Weapons System (CWIS). The majority of the single seaters operated from HMAS Melbourne prior to it's being sold by the Governemnt of the day to turned into razor blades without replacement. Incidently my father retired from the Army the same day the HMAS Melbourne was paid off. The dual seaters were not operated from HMAS Melbourne due to the centre of gravity effecting the low speed handling ability which is required for carrier landings.

During it's time in service the Skyhawk carried a wide variety of stores under their wings, but the most commonly seen item in the photos I have seen is the 150 Gal Drop tank. Until now I have only seen the 'buddy tank' as an after market item. This tank enabled other aircraft to refuel from another A4, this tank has also been reproduced by Red Roo amongst others. But now thanks to Gary Byk of Red Roo there is an item that can be used to fill out the 'load' of the Skyhawk without needing copious quantities of bombs.

The set

This set is relatively simple and contains sufficient parts to construct two Drop Tanks. Due to casting limitations the tanks come in two parts - the body and tail fin. There is a little bit of work involved in putting these tanks together as there is a casting plug on each end of the tank and

fin to be removed. But that shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. Red Roo also gives you a small A5 instruction sheet that describes how to join the parts together with wire as well as how to fit them to the aircraft. To carry this out you will require a peice of wire and drill bit to strengthen the joint between fin and body.

Red Roo has done well as there are some very fine panel lines on the tanks and fins which correspond with pictures in the book 'Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service' by Stewart Wilson. One little point is the tanks will require sanding with some fine wet and dry due to some fine imperfections on the surface of them. But once again this shouldn't cause any drama for modellers.


These items are definately recommended for modellers that want to fill the A4 with something other than bombs or rockets.

Review items kindly supplied by Gary Byk of Red Roo Models. They are available from the Red Roo site or all good model shops.


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