1/48 DHA 'Cuffless' Paddle Blades

First look review by David Harvey

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$9.95 AUD
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4 x blades
Good looking in profile and shape
Indent just in from tip
Highly Recommended


This is yet another product produced by Gary Byk and the crew at Red Roo Models.

The standard propellor used by the P-51D was the 'cuffed' Hamilton standard propellor, the Mustang's used by Australia had the 'cuffless' Aeroproducts blades for the Dallas manufactured P-51D/K or the DHA paddle blades for CAC manufactured aircraft (or combination thereof).

The set

The blades as represented here are for the CAC Mustang produced in Australia in the later part of WWII and post war. It will pay to check the references as to exactly which blades were being used by the aircraft you are modelling. For an example of this is Page 104 of the Stewart Wilson 'Spitfire, Kittyhawk and Mustang' which shows two different CAC aircraft with two different types of blades.

My only problem with the blades is the light indent just in from the tip of the blades that I assume is a guide for the painting of the yellow tips, if painted using thinned paint it would show through. The blades would require a slight amount of cleanup as the have a small amount of flash along the edge of the blades, this would only take a minute or two to clean up.

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