RRR48111 1/48 Mirage IIID conversion

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
Contents and Media:
7 pieces of light grey resin and three pages of instructions
Simple conversion for the Heller kit
requires scratch building for a complete model
Highly Recommended



This conversion set has been out for some years now, in fact I purchased this review set whilst in East Timor on deployment in 2001/2002. The set is designed for the Heller Mirage IIIB/C kit which caters for the single and dual seat Mirage. This set is very similar in parts and construction to the Red Roo Mirage IIIO set.

The instructions

The instructions show their age compared to the latest Red Roo sets but they are still sufficient to complete the conversion. You are provided with a total of three pages of which one is the instructions, one with diagrams for the conversion and the final page is a line diagram of the ejection sheet. Unfortunately there are no colour images of the seat but the line diagram gives basic colour references. When used in conjunction with the book Mirage IIIO Colour and Markings in RAAF Service by Darren Mottram and Paul Mason this should pose no real problem. The line drawings on the second page give the modeller enough information to cut the plastic of the kit in the correct spots to achieve the conversion. Remember to dry fit all items prior to glueing!

The parts

The following items are provided in the set:

  • Ejection seats x 2
  • Nose cone x 1
  • Dorsal tank x 1
  • Sidewinder missile rails x 2
  • Tail cone x 1

The parts provided in this set are well cast with nice details on the surfaces. The ejection seat will require a small amount of scratch building to detail the smaller items such as the ejection handles. As mentioned earlier, the conversion requires you to do a certain amount of scratch building and cutting to complete the kit, for the majority of moderately experienced modellers this should not create a problem.

Red Roo also has available external fuel tanks for the Mirage, the IIIO/D 1,300 litre fuel tanks and the IIIO/D 1,700 litre fuel tanks.



I highly recommend this conversion set on the basis that it is a relatively easy conversion for the moderately experienced modeller to do. It does involve some cutting of the kit parts but, as I said, these are minor and should easily be achieved.

Review set courtesy of my wallet (and the United Nations) and is available from Red Roo Models.

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