RRR32003 1/32 RAAF Mustang Detail set - Aeroproducts Needle Blade version

Review by David Harvey

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First Look
$25 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media:
32 assorted resin, PE and card conversion pieces
Good instructions and jigs included to help with construction
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Highly Recommended



In conjunction with the release of the Southern Cross Mustang book, Red Roo Models has released a number of update/correction sets for the various P-51's used by the RAAF in WWII and afterwards. The sets are mainly for the 1/32 Dragon P-51D series but i'm sure they are able to be modified for other kits as required. This set covers the late model P-51D's with the Aeroproducts Needle blade version.

The instructions

As with all instructions in the latest Red Roo update sets they are almost worth the money in themselves. The instructions for this set are seven double sided pages of colour and black and white images, colour profiles and precise diagrams. The images are all directly related to the areas to be updated and are quite clear. The diagrams are either from the maintenance manuals or drawn specifically for the set to assist in the installation of parts. The colour profile included with these instructions is of the P-51K Mustang, KH677 CV*P, 3 SQN RAAF, Italy 1945.

The text supporting the images and diagrams is also of the greatest help as it specifies the drill size, exact position and all other details required to minimize the possibility of the modeller getting it incorrect. The text covers:

  • Introduction - covering the propellers, pitot tubes etc and their installation;
  • General Mustang Modelling notes, including information about the flap positions on Mustangs when on the ground;
  • Other general information - covering installation of the kit parts themselves to allow for a more accurate model; and
  • Additional notes applicable to both propeller types - including different panels applicable to the various types of Mustangs and other areas.

The set

The set includes:

  • 4 x New Hamilton Standard Chisel Tip Cuffless blades
  • 2 x Wheel door retract hydraulic actuators
  • 2 x Wheel door retract hydraulic actuator mounts
  • 2 x wheel door installation jigs
  • 1 x pitot tube
  • 1 x fuselage fuel tank gauge
  • 1 x fuselage fuel tank filler pipe
  • 2 x static ports (PE)
  • 6 x wing tank plugs (PE)
  • 2 x lengths 0.011in wire
  • 2 x unshrouded exhaust pipe assemblies
  • 2 x exhaust pipe mounts (1x left and 1 x right)
  • 2 x filtered air intake louvre covers (small black plastic pieces)
  • 1 x N-9 Gun Sight
  • 1 x N-9 Gun Sight mount
  • 1 x template N-9 Gun SIght reflector
  • 1 x Aeroproducts propeller badges decal sheet

The parts are cast in a grey resin with minimal flash and casting problems. In a few of the parts there are very minor air bubbles that could easily be ignored. The clean up required of the set is minimal with only a small amount of flash on the odd part.

This set has a number of the same pieces as the previous two sets but includes several other pieces not found in either of them. The casting of the parts is very nice and would greatly improve any kit that they are added to.

The photo etch included in the set is minimal but for once the parts are useable and easily added to a kit. In this set you only receive PE for the air static ports and the fuel tank drain plugs, all of which are just small disks which are easily placed and glued down. If anything the air port PE is too fine as the vents could easily be covered and the detail lost if the modeller is too heavy handed with paint.

The small decal sheet covers the Aeroproduct badges normally found on the propeller blades and are nicely printed.



This set has more parts included than the others but they are still of good quality and will definitely improve the Dragon kit. The instructions are equally of great value for the modeller as it provides good images and precise instructions on how to improve the Dragon kit. The biggest thing I like about this set is that it is complete with instrucutions and all card and wire needed to carry out the modifications as well as a set of jigs for the inner wheel doors.

So for the combination of the parts and the instructions I definitely highly recommend this set for the owners of the Dragon kit as well as the other 1/32 kits out there.

Review set courtesy of Gary Byk of Red Roo Models.


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