RRM48155 1/48 WWII 60lb RAAF Rockets

Review by David Harvey

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First Look
$12.65 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media:
24 resin parts (enough for eight rockets)
Simple addition to a kit
none at this stage
Highly Recommended



Designed for the 1/48 Tamiya kit, these rockets are to replace the very oddly shaped ones supplied. The kit rockets are meant to represent the American rockets as used on the RAF and RAAF aircraft but they are incorrect in profile as they are too ‘pointy’. The RAAF ended up using some other types of rockets on the RAAF Beaufighters and this set represents the 60lb warhead more commonly seen. A few of the types used on the Beaufighter are shown below.

Noemfoor Island, Dutch New Guinea. 1944-11-10. RAAF Armourers slide another (concrete headed) rocket onto the well-greased rails nestling under the wing of a Beaufighter aircraft of NO. 30 Squadron RAAF.

Labuan, North Borneo. 1945-08-11. Assembling a rocket to be fitted to a Beaufighter aircraft of NO. 93 "Green Ghost" Squadron RAAF. The men are138850 Leading Aircraftsman (LAC) Jack Smith of Sydney, NSW; 164314 LAC Ron Draper of Port Kembla, NSW; 5154 Corporal Jack Hill of Footscray, VIC. (all Images courtesy of the Australian War Memorial collection)

RAF Station Leuchars, Scotland. C. 1944-06. Rockets (5in HVAR) being fitted on rails on the wing of a Beaufighter aircraft of No. 455 Squadron RAAF.


The set

The set comes with eight rocket rails, bodies/warheads and tails in cream resin. The resin is nicely cast and would only require a small amount of cleaning up after the parts are separated from the casting blocks. The components should also easily come off the casting blocks. There are no pin holes and only small amounts of flash on the review sample.

Contents of the set

Update set compared to original kit parts

As usual, check your references to ensure that the aircraft you are modelling actually used this style of rocket.


This is another easy to install set to update the look of your Tamiya Beaufighter so I highly recommend it.

Review set courtesy of Red Roo Models.

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