1/72 Pratt and Whitney R-1340 Wasp

Review by David Harvey

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The Pratt and Whitney R-1340 Wasp engine was first used during the 1920's and went on to power a great number of not only American aircraft but various other countries fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. It was a single-row, nine-cylinder air-cooled radial design, and displaced 1,344 in³ (22 L); bore and stroke were both 5.75 in (146.05 mm). Most importantly for me is that it was what powered the CAC Wirraway and Ceres aircraft prduced here in Australia.

A list of aircraft it powered is below:

  • Agusta-Bell AB.102
  • Air Tractor
  • Ayres Thrush
  • Bach Air Yacht
  • Boeing Model 40A
  • Boeing 247
  • Boeing F3B, F4B
  • Boeing P-12, 26, 29
  • CAC Ceres
  • CAC Wirraway
  • Curtiss Falcon
  • Curtiss F7C Seahawk
  • Curtiss O-52
  • Curtiss P-6S Hawk
  • Curtiss SOC Seagull
  • de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter
  • Douglas Dolphin
  • Fokker F.10, F.32
  • Ford Trimotor
  • Gee Bee
  • Grumman Mallard
  • Grumman Ag Cat
  • Howard DGA-6
  • Junkers W 34
  • Junkers Ju 52
  • Lockheed Vega
  • Lockheed Model 8 Sirius
  • Lockheed Model 9 Orion
  • Lockheed Model 10-C & 10-E Electra
  • Lockheed XC-35
  • Loening OL-8
  • Noorduyn Norseman
  • North American BC-1
  • North American T-6, SNJ Texan/Harvard
  • Northrop Alpha
  • Northrop C-19 Alpha
  • Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer
  • Sikorsky H-19
  • Sikorsky S-38
  • Thomas-Morse XP-13A Viper
  • Vought O2U Corsair
  • Wedell-Williams Model 45
  • Westland Whirlwind

Gary Byk of Red Roo Models has added a post script to the review:

Just a quick update for you on the 1/72 Pratt and Whitney R-1340 Wasp. The engine depicted is the un-geared engine, which was not used on the Wirraway. I pointed this out to REW72 and they have revised their packaging which will be implemented with their second production run. They have also said they will produce the geared version for all the Wirraway fans. I don't have an information on release date as yet.

The engine

The single piece khaki coloured casting of the engine comes in a simple ziploc package that contains one piece of resin and a simple instuction sheet that lists the colours of the engine and the various aircraft it was used on.

It is a very impressive pice of casting as it is very detailed and unlike some even larger scale versions, the rods on the front of the engine have a gap underneath them as on the real aircraft. To give an indication of this check out the photo below, remembering that the grid underneath it is 1cm squares:

Now compare this with the original as installed on a CAC Wirraway:

I was initially concerned that the casting didn't have the connector on the front of each piston for the lead, but on looking at the images I noticed it is in fact there. One point to note is the blue/gray section where the propellor attaches to, the kit part seems to be shorter than the Wirraway one but it looks the same when comparing to other engine images on the internet. So it isn't wrong but may be a small issue depending on the aircraft being modelled.

The engine comes on a casting plug that can either be easily cut off or left there and used as a base for the attaching the engine to the model.

The one part I don't like is that you must manufacture the circular tube that goes around the centre section with wire, this is not too hard in 1/48 (yes I have done it) but in 1/72 it could be hard. The comapny have managed to get the rods cast well on the engine but they have not done the tube.


This is a very nice casting for the scale and the only negative for me is the lac of the tube as mentioned above. Other than that it is an excellant piece of casting To that end I highly recommend this engine for use on the appropriate aircraft.

Engine courtesy of and available from Red Roo Models. For more information go to the Red Roo site or to the Radial Engines and Wheels 72 site.


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