Paragon 72051 1/72 Lincoln Conversion for Airfix

Review by Nathan Bradford

Review Type
First Look
£30 GBP Approx.
Contents and Media:
Beige coloured resin conversion for engines, wings, turrets and fuselage. Vac form nose glazing, Radome and turret glazing.
Excellent detail and comprehensive conversion for the AVRO Lincoln. The only complete conversion out there.
No unshrouded exhausts, Questionable engine radiator shape.
Highly Recommended



The RAAF’s first (and only) locally produced multi engine heavy bomber was the Avro Lincoln, an evolution of the famous Lancaster. The Lincoln was chosen for Australia because of it’s, higher altitude capabilities along with heavier payload and longer range. These magnificent Aircraft were produced by Government Aircraft Factory (GAF) at Fishermans Bend Victoria and were dubbed the Mk.30. These were followed later by the Mk.31 Maritime reconnaissance version of the Lincoln, and Australian unique version of the Lincoln. GAF Lincolns Mk.30 were flown by 1, 2 and 6 Squadron RAAF and saw action in the Malayan Emergency between 1950-1958. 10 Squadron RAAF exclusively operated the mk.31 Lincoln from RAAF Townsville. The GAF Lincoln was slowly replaced in the RAAF by the GAF Canberra in the early 1960’s.

There are currently two full conversions on the market for the Lincoln in 1/72 scale, one by Flight path (Re tooled DB Resins moulds) and one by Paragon. This review will focus on the Paragon set.

The set

The Paragon set is cast in cream coloured resin and is injection moulded. The examples I received are extremely well cast with no obvious flaws. The set comes with everything needed to build the AVRO/GAF Lincoln in 1/72 scale. The conversion is designed to be used with the Airfix Lancaster kit, but could possibly be used with another kit with some work.

Included in this set is:

  • 2 x Outer wing extensions;
  • 4 x Rolls Royce Merlin 85 Engine nacelles with moulded on exhausts;
  • 4 x Engine faces;
  • 4 x Spinners & Prop blades;
  • 2 x outer engine adapters;
  • 2 x Inner engine adapters;
  • 2 x Lincoln style Rudders;
  • 1 x Aft fuselage extension;
  • 1 x Fwd Fuselage conversion;
  • 2 x Main wheels;
  • 1 x rear turret radar fairing (not used on GAF Lincoln);
  • 1 x Vacformed Radome;
  • 1 x Vacformed Astro dome;
  • 2 x 20mm Hispano cannon for the upper turret; and
  • FWD, Dorsal and rear turrets (resin interiors and vac formed glazing).

The Vacformed glazings are well done and are very thin and clear. The Paragon kit is the most complete conversion available with the inclusion of the Lincoln style rudders and Main wheels, things missing from the Flight Path set. There are Lincoln style rudders/vertical stabs available from Ally Cat models to supplement this and other conversions.

There are only a couple of things that could be improved on the Paragon kit and there all to do with the engines. First is the engine faces. As can be seen from the pictures below, the opening for the radiator on the Lincolns was of a constant width, rather than being shaped like a smile on the Paragon part. The other thing is the exhaust shrouds are moulded on and have no option of being unshrouded. This is where the Flight path set has the advantage with the option of shrouded or unshrouded exhausts, and better shaped engine radiators. If the modeller so chooses, the Paragon parts could be replaced with either Red Roo’s Merlin 85’s (Currently OOP) or possibly the Flight path/DB engines.

If you want to build a Mk.31 long nosed Maritime Lincoln, Paragon has you covered with a nose extension available from them too. This is not included in this set but is available separately.

Packaging and Instructions

The Conversion instructions are printed in Black and white on an A4 sheet with diagrams showing the processes involved. The set was presented on zip lock bags on cardboard backing. My set was received in excellent condition.



I recommend this kit to those looking to produce a detailed Lincoln in 1/72 scale. The problems with the engines that I have outlined are more a problem for the purists out there. Changing the engines on this kit, is not necessary for all but the die hard rivet counters. This kit will build up into a wonderful model of much more uncommon and interesting subject.

Review items kindly supplied by “My Wallet” Inc. They are available directly from Paragon or any good hobby shop.

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