Pete's Hangar 1/48 Wirraway conversions

Review by Michael Drover

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  • PHR 48005 1/48 CA-1 to CA16 Wirraway Conversion AUD$8.50
  • PHR 48006 1/48 CA-16+ Wirraway Conversion AUD$5.50
  • PHR 48007 1/48 Wirraway Tailplane control Surface AUD$9.95

All available online from the Victorian Hobby Centre

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Resin conversion parts
These modification sets offer a welcome conversion from the early type CA-1 Wirraway that comes with the Special Hobby boxing.
None observed
Highly Recommended



Pete’s Hangar has recently released a 1/72nd scale F-111B conversion set for the Hasegawa F-111 kit and hot on the heels of that release are several update sets for the 1/48th scale Special Hobby CA-1 Wirraway. These releases cover the conversion of the CA-16 and CA-16+ airframes. All sets are moulded in pale yellow resin.

PHR 48005 CA-1 to CA16 Wirraway conversion

This conversion includes the early engine cowl, propeller and early carburetor intake.

The resin items are cast without flaw and show no signs of shrinkage. The only bubbles I spotted were in the trailing edge of the propeller were it meets the pour plug. This can easily be fixed with a lick of Mr Surfacer or your favourite filler. The bubbles are the size of a pin prick. Each of the casting plugs is minimal and the cutting required to remove the items from the plugs should not present any problem. The cowl in particular is exceptionally well moulded and should only need a light pass with a scalpel blade to separate it from its pour plug.

PHR 48006 CA16+ conversion

This conversion set includes the propeller and late carburetor intake.

Again, the pieces are very well moulded and without any shrinkage. The same issue as mentioned above for the propeller exists. The mould plug for the carburetor will need a small amount of trimming but this should not cause the builder any trouble.

PHR 48007 Wirraway Tailplane control surfaces

This conversion set includes the tailplane, elevators and rudder.

Some reviews of the kit mention that the rear flying surfaces are slightly warped. These items are direct replacements for the kit parts.

The sets

These three conversion sets are very simple and allow the modeler to build an early or later mark version of the Wirraway, the only Australian built aircraft to claim a air to air kill in WW2 (even the Boomerang can’t claim that!).

I have been informed that there will 2 decal sheets to be released under the Plane Bits Decals brand. I have not received details of what the contents of these sheets will contain.

Thanks to Pete’s Hangar for the loan of the review sample.

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