Pete's Hangar

PHC48002 1/48 Vultee Vengeance Canopy for AZ Models kit

by David Harvey


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First Look




$4.00 AUD from Pete's Hangar (AMI Price)

Contents and Media:

1 x vacformed canopy


It is already cut into sections to make it easier to pose canopy open



Highly Recommended



The 1/48 Vultee Vengeance when it came out showed great promise as we finally had a kit of this undervalued aircraft. Unfortunately when modellers finally started to get the kits in theri hands it was found to be wanting in so many ways. Whilst AZ Models put out some PE sets to rectify their lack of effort in the kit it has been up to the aftermarket manufacturers to replace a rather poor canopy.

The canopy as it came with the kit was very thick, cloudy and did not really fit the model. Red Roo Models put out a canopy to give us options against the kit one but now Pete's Hangar has brought out one that takes it a step better.

Side image of Vengeance on take off
(unknown owner of image)


The canopy

The canopy comes in a solid package that easily protects the part. The canopy comes broken into three parts which definitely makes it not only easier to cut out but makes the seperation of the components to show an open canopy so much easier with only the very front and very rear to cut open. It is recommended that if cutting the canopy open you use masking tape or Dymo tape to help keep a straight line.

When comparing this canopy to a side on photo of a WWII Vengeance it does seem to capture the shape of the real aircraft rather than whatever aircraft AZ actualy based it on. The canopy is actualy larger than the kit one and this should cover the whole cockpit opening unlike the original kit canopy which I found is short at the front.


Peter of Pete's Hangar has mentioned that this canopy is not a copy of the kit one and is a totally new canopy made by a person who used to make them for Squadron Signal. Comparing this to the kit one I totally beleive it as it only has a passing resemblence to the kit canopy.

I highly recommend this as it is a great improvement over the original kit component, my only regret is that I have progressed to far in my build of the AZ Models Vengeance to actualy use this on.

Review sample courtesy of Peter Russell of Pete's Hangar.